Your wedding day arrives and the air is filled with stress. Things are lost, participants are missing, and people who purposely haven’t spoken in years are suddenly right next to each other. The air conditioner is not working.

Everyone needs to take something and reduce all this tension! Not pharmaceuticals. Instead, take pictures with an open-air photo booth! Yes, taking pictures has been shown in a clinical study by German psychologists to reduce stress. Maybe that’s why the super savvy wedding planner made sure we were available from wedding to reception. By the time the bride comes down the aisle the air is filled with goodwill. And when guests become restless during the cocktail hour, we’ll be right there luring people into silliness, laughs and fun.

The newlyweds will get the pictures as well as the other features provided by our company, such as animated GIF’s, slo-motion video and an online photo gallery. We’ll also provide guests with prints as their very own souvenir. Looking at pictures can reduce stress as well!

It makes perfect sense that a photo booth would be a stress reducer. Studies have shown smiling reduces stress. Having your picture taken, smiling, being free and fanciful – you know the funny faces, the props – lightens people’s moods. Doing things you like and feeling happy, even in brief spurts, relieves stress. Positive social interaction, including hugs, also has shown to reduce anxiety. Grabbing someone or going in for a group hug in front of the camera will lessen the wedding tension. The German psychologist James Muller from Stuttgart says: “When you’re happy, you relieve stress. Undoubtedly, photo booth makes an event more interactive and fun.”

And you thought photo booth popularity was just to entertain the guests. Nope, it keeps the guests from acting out their own emotional dramas. Book your photo booth today!